Nonconventional vs Unconventional.

March 20, 2013

Unconventional is at least a real word.

(disclaimer: although there are a few bits of real grammatical information here that I gleaned from other internet sources, it’s MOSTLY about my personal preference over which word I used for this page) 

I’m really not sure if “nonconventional” is a legitimate word, or if it should be hyphenated even.  Google will give you some definitions, but just because there’s a definition for “ain’t”  doesn’t mean it’s a proper word.

I did choose non over un for very specific reasons. True, for the most part they mean the same thing. Definitions found for unconventional versus nonconventional are pretty much the same. (I suspect because one of them is proper and one is not so they apply the same definition.) From my point of view,  un can also mean the reversal, so in a manner of speaking, being in opposition. I am not opposed to conventionality, nor do I seek to purposely go against it for the sake of being against it.

I just ignore it most of the time.  There’s plenty of conventional things that I do in conventional ways, but I never like to do something simply because that’s how popular opinion says it should be done. Sometimes I’m moving in the same direction as the crowd, but I’m not part of the crowd. And there’s nothing wrong with the crowd either.

As a disclaimer, I never assume that my way, my opinions, or my choices are ever any better for anyone or anything else beyond my own life.  They’re just better for me. My personal preferences should never be taken as a judgement against others. (although I am not so naive as to think that such a statement will prevent it) If one were to say their favorite color is orange and they hate the color green, no one else would assume that it’s a personal attack or judgement against people who adore the color green.

I never really explained my choices of blog name before, and it’s not precisely necessary to explain my self either.  Post military I feel like I have more room to breathe, and I feel like it’s so much more important to delve into the reasons behind certain things that I do.  Life is so much more uncertain, while at the same time I no longer feel weighed down by uncertainty.  I think this is going to be good.


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