To brush wet hair, or not to brush wet hair: Round 2

March 23, 2013

Or combing wet hair, whatever.

I posted about this previously on my old blog.

Sometime between then and now I changed my philosophy a tad.  Do I think brushing/combing while wet damages my hair?  Nope, still don’t. (if you did not read the linked post Please Note that I know that it’s damaging to some, I just don’t agree that it’s damaging for all, or for me)  However I also don’t do it anymore.  My hair has a slight wave to it, and I found my self wanting to encourage the waves.  A tip I read, probably off of one of the long hair community sites, was not to touch my wet hair.  Literally don’t touch it. Don’t toss it, fiddle with it, nothing, just leave it alone.   It’s helped a lot.

For whatever reason the back of my head is still more wavy than the front, the hair that frames my face and falls in front of my shoulders.  I still haven’t decided if this is just the way my hair is or if there’s more I could do for it, or if there’s something different that happens to the back of my head instead of the front.

The other reason I don’t do it anymore is that I’ve changed my opinion on combs.  Well certain combs anyway.  I invested in a couple of horn combs. I now use them to comb my hair 95% of the time, and you can’t get them wet.  Because a horn comb comes from something that’s pretty much the same as what our hair is made of (keratin) there’s very little resistance.  Almost none as long as you have a well made comb.  Which helped my waves too, since I’m creating less tension.  I’ve still been keeping it around the same length though, just a bit longer than shoulder length.  While I want to grow my hair out, I want to keep it a manageable length until I’ve hit 1 year No Poo at least,  probably a bit longer than that, as I’ve recently decided to grow my bangs out. Hmmm.

When it comes to a plastic comb versus other kinds of plastic bristle brushes, I still don’t see why there’d be much of a difference.  If a tangle teaser is okay (as I’ve seen many people praise, although I’m sure not everyone is in love with it) then so is my ventilated ball tipped round brush.


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