May 3, 2013

I’ve had a rough go of it lately. Sick, and then injured. Stressed out. I had hoped to have been a month or two into my weight loss routine by now, but I’m at zero.  I’ve been very depressed, total lack of interest in doing anything at all.  I think I’ve only left my apartment two or three times in the past month.

I am determined not to give up.  I decided to join sparkpeople.  HUGE step for me.  I’ve always had the opinion that I didn’t need help, than I should just “man up” and get it done.  But I bit the bullet, being 60 lbs heavier than when I got married, and having not lost more than a few lbs on my own in the past 6 months is a sure sign that I need help to get it done. Looking for help makes me feel insecure.  I’m comfortable in my skin, but the fact of the matter is my weight is unhealthy.  I feel like if I tell people I want to lose weight, or that I need help losing weight, that they’ll think that I’m insecure about my image or have low self-esteem. At the end of the day though, I just need to get it done and not worry about what other people think.  I’ve voiced this on my Sparkpage, and now I’m doing it here.

I enjoy my blog.  I feel so guilty when I let bad moods get the best of me and I stop doing the things I enjoy. If I’m going to blog about my life I need to actually have one! 

While I’ve been recovering from being sick/injured, I haven’t been able to keep up with my No Poo routine. It just takes too long when I can only endure a 5 minute shower, and believe me I had been trying to make my routine as efficient as possible with the limited hot water I have to work with.  So I think I’m up for another “adjustment period” when I switch back, and that will be the best time to write a new No Poo 101.


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