A Disclaimer.

June 27, 2013

I am not a Nutritionist, or a fitness expert, and I am certainly not a doctor.  Whether or not something is healthy, good, and safe for me is a matter of opinion, based on my research and my current personal health, as determined by an actual doctor.  It will not  apply to everyone.  So I encourage everyone to do their research, talk to their own doctor, come to their own conclusions.

I do not cite a lot of resources for that reason.

Don’t get me wrong, I do a lot of research.  A lot.  For example, I said in the previous post that when I tried researching the Primal diet/lifestyle, I only found a lot of conflicting info.  What that means is I’m going to keep looking.  I’m going to try to figure out why that is, and try to isolate the grains of truth/science behind conflicting sources. I have to understand things.  It’s my nature. “Just because” is never acceptable.

I won’t do something if I don’t feel like I understand what I’m doing, or at the very least, I have to know that my lack understanding won’t cause myself or anyone else damage or harm.  I also won’t try to explain something if I don’t feel like I know about it well enough to discuss it.

However, that does not mean that I’m always correct. I am not beyond totally misunderstanding the information I’m taking in, or being mistaken of the veracity of the information.

I do not want anyone to ever just believe me, just because. Never.  I also don’t want to be someone’s short cut.  We all know that one person, who asks a question because they know someone else will just tell them, or look it up for them, because it’s easier/faster than figuring it out for themselves.

I DO give credit where credit is due. If I am talking about a specific product, I will link to that product. If I am directly quoting something, I will link to a source.  So if I’ve tried someone else’s recipe for example, I’m going to link to that recipe. If I fall in love with  hemp oil or a new shampoo bar, I’ll certainly direct you to the brand I’m using, and any other brand I may have tried for that matter.

So, to sum up. I’m not the authority on any given subject, nor will I act as if I am. Pretty much everything I post should be treated a matter of opinion, even if I appear to be stating something factual.  Check them before you share them or actually try to use the information!


Some big changes!

June 26, 2013

I feel like everything I try to do so far this year I fail at.  Keeping up with blogging? fail.  Trying to get into shape? fail. Trying to do anything on more than a once every 2-3 week basis? FAIL!

I’m pretty sure I’m not depressed.  Although sometimes all that overwhelming fail did get me down for a few days.  I’m pretty familiar with depression, and while I haven’t been able to keep interest in my goals, it’s not that I don’t want to do them.  I want to! I really really want to!  I just don’t have a lot of get up and go lately. More days than not I feel sluggish, I feel like my brain is full of sludge.

Here in the near future I plan on going paleo/primal for at least 30 days.  Probably starting around Mid-july hopefully.   If you’re unfamiliar with the Paleo diet, google is your friend here.  Same with Primal.  The watered down over simplified version is that as Humans we probably eat a whole lot of crap that we don’t need to eat, and would be much healthier without.  We evolved eating a certain kind of diet. Lots of raw food like fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.  Meat of course.   Probably not a lot of grains, if any.  Probably not a lot of dairy, if any. No refined sugars, nothing bleached.   That’s a lot of “probably”  because scientists can’t say for sure “Yes, people X years ago only ate these things”   They have a pretty good idea, but it is up for debate.  What “Primal” is seems a little trickier.  I’ve only found a lot of conflicting info on that.  For the most part here I’m using it to imply that I plan to sometimes have dairy and rice. It seems that according to some people dairy/grains once in a while means that you’re not “officially” paleo, and that you’re primal.  While those people seem ridiculously nit picky, that just seems to be the way it is for some.

I’ve been drawn to it, for over a year or two actually, because it just makes sense.  I see how healthy people who follow it are.  I’ve seen the change it can make in their lives.  I’ve seen what good eating more raw food does.  What good going gluten-free does, cutting back dairy.  So why not do the whole shebang?  Just give it a try.  Can’t hurt, might help, right?  The longer it goes, the more reasons I see to do it.  I know I can’t keep going the way I’m going.  I’ve been to the doctor, there’s nothing wrong with me.  So something has to give.

My plans are to post what I’m eating, recipes I’ve found, products I’m using (I plan to get some coconut oil, hemp oil, chia seeds, coconut mana, almond/coconut/tapioca flour etc), how I feel, changes I’m noticing, if it’s doing anything for me.  My main goal, or hope, for this is to just feel better, feel like a functioning human being again.  That’s it, if any other benefits come with just changing the way I eat, that’s gravy.   Eat better, feel better, live better.  My only expectation.