How am I going to be Paleo if I don’t like veggies?

July 16, 2013

In my previous post I mentioned that I have not ever eaten a good number of vegetables. Of a the few vegetables I have tried, I don’t like many of them.  I like corn (which is apparently not technically a vegetable) I like carrots, and I like green beans.  That’s about it. I do not like broccoli, or peas or cucumbers. (the list of ‘do not like’ is longer but I’ll keep it short)  To my knowledge I have never eaten cauliflower, asparagus, beets, brussel spouts, artichoke, chickpeas, many squashes, turnips, and so on, you get the idea.

So how do I plan on being paleo for at least 30 days if I won’t have a large variety of vegetables to work with initially?  Mostly I’m going to wing it.  I will try new things, and can always fall back on my usual veggies if something new doesn’t work out. Since I don’t like that many different vegetables to start with, repetition is obviously not a problem for me. 

I also except my tastes to change. Not suddenly or even drastically. But it’s bound to happen. I don’t see my self ever changing my mind about broccoli or peas, but I could see suddenly finding my self enjoying cucumber. Or tomatoes. That’s another one I don’t like, tomatoes. waaaah! 

Smoothies are also probably going to be a thing. I’m going to need those plant nutrients some how, and I will blend them into a smoothie to hide their flavor behind some fruit if I have to! 


3 Responses to “How am I going to be Paleo if I don’t like veggies?”

  1. deanco Says:

    I like your post. However, anyone who hates this many vegetables has a mind block from child hood for some reason. I don’t mean to be cruel by saying that or anything, but it is odd. Keep at it because i don’t think this is normal let alone good for you. My wife learned to drink Chardonnay recently which she used to hate and now she’s a convert. Same with olives – i couldn’t believe this happened to her at 42.. but it’s great for her – it came about from her removing processed foods from her diet. Although i now have to share 🙂

    • Oh Definitely. Like I said I do expect my tastes to change as it goes along. I didn’t mention it in the post but I also have a sensory processing disorder, certain things I just cannot eat regardless flavor because of the mouthfeel it produces. I believe that’s the “block” that kept me from trying or enjoying many things, because I didn’t understand for a long time why certain things were repulsing me.

      I will definitely be trying new vegetables and old vegetables in new ways as this lifestyle shift goes on. Thank you for the suggestion and support. 🙂

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