Went off the deep end again. Paleo and No Poo updates.

August 1, 2013

Just coming off of another bout of whatever it is that’s plaguing me.  Tired, exhausted, unmotivated, and for one miserable day I felt entirely defeated and that my efforts were pointless.

I’m not really sure what causes this. Sleep problems I have always had, but it’s usually not quite so bad as the problem I’ve been having for the past year or two.  It’s only after days of sleeping poorly, being tired all the time, feeling too exhausted and unmotivated to even do the dishes or cook dinner that I hit a low point of depression. Where I wallow in my feelings of inadequacy and failure.

I have purchased online some of the things that I believe will be crucial to my Paleo success, the rest of it can wait for a trip to the grocery store.  I anticipate my official start of full-blown Paleo to be in a week or two. (depends on when my online orders arrive) I am sorely missing Southern California right now, with Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Henry’s, Fresh and Easy, and Farmer’s markets every which way you went. My best option for grocery shopping here is Wal-Mart, which I am not pleased about.  There are other grocery stores around, but they’re over priced.  If I went out of my way to an Aldi that’s not too shabby.  Mind you, I don’t say “over priced” because I’m comparing to Wal-Mart prices, I mean over priced, period.  I did live in Southern California for quite a while, there wasn’t even a Wal-Mart in the area that sold groceries until right before I moved away.

Anyway, I’m going to see about putting up a counter or something.  Reviews, recipes tried, general updates on how I feel will be the main focus here on the blog.  My main plan will be to pack in the micro nutrients, switch out as many bad fats for good fats as I can,  eliminate grains/gluten, and cut out all sugar. If I can be 80/20 Paleo for a majority of the 30 days (I’m going for a full 30, but I’m going to try not to beat myself up if I slip)  then I will consider the 30 day challenge successful. Dairy I’m not too worried about, I don’t typically have a lot of dairy in my diet anyway.  Rice may or may not happen.  And there is nothing on this green earth that would convince me to give up coffee. Ever.  I don’t have coffee every day though, caffeine withdrawals are not fun if one day I didn’t feel like having any.  Seriously need to look into finding some nice organic Swiss Water Process decaf.

I have a few No Poo posts to do still, but I’m having some weird dry skin/dandruff issue I’m trying to resolve first.  It’s been going on for several months. I don’t know if it’s the climate, the water, my routine, or what.  At first I thought it was a No Poo problem, as I noticed the dandruff first and it happened after I started going back to No Poo full-time. (I had to take a break because I was injured and not able to stick with the routine)  Then I noticed that my face was dry and flaky too, in fact my skin all over was generally very dry.  To be honest this could still be a No Poo problem that started  at the top and worked its way down. Either way I either need to figure out why and fix it or if it’s not because of No Poo, I need to figure out how to tweak my routine to deal with the dandruff.  I have been No Poo for about year now! Even if you don’t want to count my brief break from it.  So that’s awesome.

Even though these plans keep getting pushed back again and again, I don’t feel I’ve lost the momentum. It just has more time to build!


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