First Green Smoothie!

August 8, 2013

First time I’ve ever made any kind of smoothie at all actually.  I speak ill of my blender often, but as long as I know it’s limitations it gets the job done.

Since I didn’t know what I was doing I just winged it but it turned out well. (admittedly I seem to have a knack for winging things) There was a lack of measuring or anything like that.  (I’m also good at not measuring things. I could reproduce it almost exactly by just knowing how much I used before)  I just used water, as I’ve not yet attempted to make coconut milk, and my almond milk was too salty.  2 bananas, some frozen spinach, organic baby kale, organic chia seeds and organic shelled hemp seeds, organic virgin coconut oil, organic coconut manna and some dates.

I added the water, 1 banana, shelled hemp, chia seeds, frozen spinach and baby kale, coconut oil and coconut manna first, then blended.  It would have been fine just like that but there was too much water.  So I added another banana for more thickness and some dates just because really.  It’s not super smooth because of my blender, but not grossly lumpy chunky either (I’m VERY sensitive to mouth feels, there are a lot of things I just won’t eat regardless of how I think they taste because I can’t stand the way they feel in my mouth)

I’ll probably still have some left over for tomorrow since I’m not doing a juice fast or anything.  Next time I think I’ll soak the chia seeds first so they gel.  I’m pretty sure that as the rest of the smoothie is sitting in the fridge it’s getting thicker by the minute. I knew chia seeds gel, I just didn’t want to wait to pre soak them. Because I didn’t have the forethought to do it last night.

A few notes though.  If I say something is organic I mean Certified Organic.  I used frozen spinach because I already had it, in the future I plan to buy fresh spinach, organic if possible. So far I’ve only had 4-6 oz of the smoothie. Right now I’m having some water, and may have few more similar sized glasses throughout the day. Since I’ve never had kale, chia, hemp or coconut manna before I’m taking it slow just to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises.  After I use some of this stuff a few times (the coconut manna, chia seeds, etc)  I’ll let you know where I got them from and what I think about it.  Yay for product reviews!



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