First Green Smoothie!

August 8, 2013

First time I’ve ever made any kind of smoothie at all actually.  I speak ill of my blender often, but as long as I know it’s limitations it gets the job done.

Since I didn’t know what I was doing I just winged it but it turned out well. (admittedly I seem to have a knack for winging things) There was a lack of measuring or anything like that.  (I’m also good at not measuring things. I could reproduce it almost exactly by just knowing how much I used before)  I just used water, as I’ve not yet attempted to make coconut milk, and my almond milk was too salty.  2 bananas, some frozen spinach, organic baby kale, organic chia seeds and organic shelled hemp seeds, organic virgin coconut oil, organic coconut manna and some dates.

I added the water, 1 banana, shelled hemp, chia seeds, frozen spinach and baby kale, coconut oil and coconut manna first, then blended.  It would have been fine just like that but there was too much water.  So I added another banana for more thickness and some dates just because really.  It’s not super smooth because of my blender, but not grossly lumpy chunky either (I’m VERY sensitive to mouth feels, there are a lot of things I just won’t eat regardless of how I think they taste because I can’t stand the way they feel in my mouth)

I’ll probably still have some left over for tomorrow since I’m not doing a juice fast or anything.  Next time I think I’ll soak the chia seeds first so they gel.  I’m pretty sure that as the rest of the smoothie is sitting in the fridge it’s getting thicker by the minute. I knew chia seeds gel, I just didn’t want to wait to pre soak them. Because I didn’t have the forethought to do it last night.

A few notes though.  If I say something is organic I mean Certified Organic.  I used frozen spinach because I already had it, in the future I plan to buy fresh spinach, organic if possible. So far I’ve only had 4-6 oz of the smoothie. Right now I’m having some water, and may have few more similar sized glasses throughout the day. Since I’ve never had kale, chia, hemp or coconut manna before I’m taking it slow just to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises.  After I use some of this stuff a few times (the coconut manna, chia seeds, etc)  I’ll let you know where I got them from and what I think about it.  Yay for product reviews!



In my previous post I mentioned that I have not ever eaten a good number of vegetables. Of a the few vegetables I have tried, I don’t like many of them.  I like corn (which is apparently not technically a vegetable) I like carrots, and I like green beans.  That’s about it. I do not like broccoli, or peas or cucumbers. (the list of ‘do not like’ is longer but I’ll keep it short)  To my knowledge I have never eaten cauliflower, asparagus, beets, brussel spouts, artichoke, chickpeas, many squashes, turnips, and so on, you get the idea.

So how do I plan on being paleo for at least 30 days if I won’t have a large variety of vegetables to work with initially?  Mostly I’m going to wing it.  I will try new things, and can always fall back on my usual veggies if something new doesn’t work out. Since I don’t like that many different vegetables to start with, repetition is obviously not a problem for me. 

I also except my tastes to change. Not suddenly or even drastically. But it’s bound to happen. I don’t see my self ever changing my mind about broccoli or peas, but I could see suddenly finding my self enjoying cucumber. Or tomatoes. That’s another one I don’t like, tomatoes. waaaah! 

Smoothies are also probably going to be a thing. I’m going to need those plant nutrients some how, and I will blend them into a smoothie to hide their flavor behind some fruit if I have to! 

July is here!  In a couple of weeks I hope to be starting my first 30 days of Paleo eating.

Now the reason why I’m not starting it immediately is because I need some things before I get started.  I want this to be as effortless as possible in the beginning. I want to minimize the chances of ever feeling like I’m just screwed.

So I started out with looking at my usual meals, determining which ones I can keep without having to change at all or change the least.  It seems like I mostly need recipes for side dishes.  Then I’ve been recipe hunting, making a shopping list.  More fruits and nuts for snacking or small meals, going to try out zucchini noodles, trying out alternatives to white sugar, make my own almond milk, things like that.

I’ll need some more coconut oil, I already used it sometimes but I’ll be using it a lot more for this venture.  While I’m at it I’ll be buying some hemp oil, maybe some chia seeds or flax seeds to experiment with. Figure out what the best alternative to white/grain flour would be for me to try at first. Some of this stuff I’ll have to buy online, so I just have to wait for all the shopping to fall in line really.

In the meantime I have already been eating more raw foods, less grains, etc.  Preparing my self to jump in with both feet.  I’m really excited about it.  I don’t feel like Paleo is restrictive.  I’ve seen people say that, because of all the things you’re not supposed to eat. But to me that’s like saying being a non-smoker is a restrictive lifestyle, because you’re not smoking cigarettes.  Or that cutting out soda is restrictive because you can’t have soda anymore.  While it follows the literal definition of the word “restrict”  it seems a matter of perspective. People who have never smoked a day in their life, or never really had a thing for soda, who never even think about having those things, I bet they don’t feel restricted.

Also, I keep saying “30 days” or use other verbiage that kind of implies that this will be temporary.  It’s not really that I’m looking at this as something temporary that I’ll do for a few weeks and ditch, it’s more that I’m going to try to follow Paleo as closely to the letter as I can manage for a month.  I’ll see what happens, how I feel, how sustainable it seems.  I may keep doing strict Paleo beyond that point, or I may not.  What won’t change will be my desire to eat more whole, unprocessed and unrefined foods.

Now if you’re curious about all of this, like what is the big deal with refined foods, grains, and carbs, I can point you in a couple directions.  If you’ve ever watched the documentary “Super Size Me”  then a rebuttal documentary called “Fat head” is pretty good.  It’s still all about fast food, but is more about how it’s not the amount fat or the calories so much that make it bad you, so much as all the carbs.  And right towards the end it talks some about ‘good fats’ and what not.   Another very interesting documentary is called “Hungry for Change.”  It doesn’t talk about Paleo, but it does discuss in length why grains and processed/refined foods aren’t good for us. Also why so many people KNOW what’s bad for them, but keep eating it anyway, and why the manufacturers know that it’s bad for us but make/sell it anyway.  And I especially love it for pointing out that just because our government says something is safe and healthy for us, doesn’t mean it’s true.  Both of those are currently (as of the date of this posting) on Netflix.

I’ve watched many other documentaries in the past, and I can’t remember the titles of a lot of them off the top of my head.   There are a lot out there though. If you have Netflix and look up either of the two I’ve already suggested, you will also find a lot of documentaries on the subject of diet and food.


May 3, 2013

I’ve had a rough go of it lately. Sick, and then injured. Stressed out. I had hoped to have been a month or two into my weight loss routine by now, but I’m at zero.  I’ve been very depressed, total lack of interest in doing anything at all.  I think I’ve only left my apartment two or three times in the past month.

I am determined not to give up.  I decided to join sparkpeople.  HUGE step for me.  I’ve always had the opinion that I didn’t need help, than I should just “man up” and get it done.  But I bit the bullet, being 60 lbs heavier than when I got married, and having not lost more than a few lbs on my own in the past 6 months is a sure sign that I need help to get it done. Looking for help makes me feel insecure.  I’m comfortable in my skin, but the fact of the matter is my weight is unhealthy.  I feel like if I tell people I want to lose weight, or that I need help losing weight, that they’ll think that I’m insecure about my image or have low self-esteem. At the end of the day though, I just need to get it done and not worry about what other people think.  I’ve voiced this on my Sparkpage, and now I’m doing it here.

I enjoy my blog.  I feel so guilty when I let bad moods get the best of me and I stop doing the things I enjoy. If I’m going to blog about my life I need to actually have one! 

While I’ve been recovering from being sick/injured, I haven’t been able to keep up with my No Poo routine. It just takes too long when I can only endure a 5 minute shower, and believe me I had been trying to make my routine as efficient as possible with the limited hot water I have to work with.  So I think I’m up for another “adjustment period” when I switch back, and that will be the best time to write a new No Poo 101.

I had been hoping Lucy would post something on her blog about this! If she did before I missed it.

Don’t gloss over this.

This is the first “Update” Sidney posted, and she has posted many to answer a lot of questions.

“Some of you are already asking about why I’m not on medicaid or covered by disability, and really, I should be, but like most patients with advanced lyme disease, I am not. I am making efforts to gain coverage, but the odds of doing so are poor at best. The politics surrounding lyme disease and the guidelines used by the IDSA and the CDC mean that medical coverage is routinely denied to sufferers of advanced or chronic lyme, and disability is almost never granted despite the very real disabilities that occur among sufferers.

The important points about the controversy and the problems with the guidelines are explained by the experts at better than I ever could, so please go read their brief page Why We Protest Against The IDSA, and while you are there, I’d be grateful if you’d take a couple moments to sign their petition requesting that the guidelines be changed to reflect real science.

The controversy pages (there are lots, if you just plug “lyme controversy” into google) usually refer to “chronic” lyme disease. I currently have advanced lyme disease. Chronic lyme disease is when a person has been treated for lyme, but the infection remains and there is a relapse of symptoms after treatment, creating further permanent damage and requiring another round of antibiotic treatment. I don’t want to end up with chronic lyme, and I’d much rather just stay on the antibiotics long enough to take care of the infection with the first round of treatments, even if the treatment time is very extended.

If you want further proof of the lack of medical coverage for lyme disease, plug “lyme cost” into Google and see what you get. It’s the rare lucky soul who is covered for full treatment, not the norm.”

I was left speechless to hear about how a person could be stuck with such a horrible disease just because of a little technicality.  It actually scares me. Scares me a lot. What happens if a person can’t afford treatment? What will happen to Sidney, just one of many, if she can’t afford all the treatment she needs?   I plan on contributing (cutting it so close I know!) because corsetry is an interest of mine. I love the information provided by Lucy, and I had also learned a lot from Sidney Eileen’s website.

I also plan to look into what I can do to support anyone with Lyme Disease. Most especially in the area of how it’s classified, so that it will be easier for a lot of people to get help with it, rather than having to pay thousands and thousands out of pocket just in hopes that you don’t end up with permanent damage.   I plan on being very on this topic indeed.

Welcome. Welcome!

March 19, 2013


Say hello to my new blog!

I have lots to update, and plenty to move forward with.

If you came here from my previous blog, thank you for sticking with me!  I know it has been silent for quite a few months.

I’m still “no poo” (9 months and going!) and I’ve been up to a few interesting things.  I’m also on a weight loss journey, and hope to soon after that embark on the adventure that is having children. I might even have a few things to say about life after the military. 😉

If you’re new here, I hope I’ve piqued your interest! Please stay tuned!

I’ve skimped quite a bit on the details here so far, but I hope to have it all fleshed out asap 🙂