Turns out there’s a countdown widget I can use here.  I should have all my stuff by the end of the week, so my 30 days of Paleo should start on Friday!

Woohoo!  So the countdown to the right should be saying how many days until Friday, The start date. Then after that it will be counting down how many days left of the 30 days.  I only wish it could count up, like saying I’ve been Paleo for 5 days, and then 6 days, and so on.  But it will do for now.

Today I’m going to try out my cheater almond milk.  I didn’t splurge on super nice almond butter yet, but it is raw at least. If it turns out okay, then I will find the expense of organic raw almond butter more worth it.  Just couldn’t talk my self into buying it because I wouldn’t use it for anything  else and if it didn’t work well I’d be stuck with having wasted a lot of money.  I’ll post about how it goes later. Yay!

This post was mostly for a test run of the widget, but I’m so excited!